IMG_7066Top Ten Facts about The Yenta:

  1. I’m a film and TV fanatic who lives and breathes pretty much all things pop culture. My very first movie theater experience was seeing Beauty and the Beast at the age of two-and-a-half. As we left the multiplex, I begged my dad to immediately take me to see Batman Returns.
  2. As an only child I spent a LOT of time in front of the television. And thanks to my permissive/progressive parents, I was basically allowed to watch anything and everything. (Except The Simpsons, which of course quickly became my favorite show.) My first R-rated movie was Léon: The Professional, which I caught on HBO when I was six.
  3. I don’t eat to live; I live to eat. As a self-taught home cook, fledgling foodie, and experimental baker, I’m always thinking about ingredients to play with and dishes to invent. Not to mention keeping a miles-long list of restaurants I’d like to try.
  4. I’m an unapologetic, card-carrying fat girl. See number 3.
  5. In college I double-majored in English and Women’s & Gender Studies. Feminist who loves to read? You bet your tuchas. In graduate school I studied media and technology with a focus on children’s media. I’m basically a big kid.
  6. My friends make fun of me because as well-versed as I am in the overall cultural zeitgeist, I’m fairly clueless about new and popular music. As soon as I got to college I stopped listening to the radio (there was no Z100 in Western Massachusetts), and since then I’ve mostly kept to the middle school/high school music that’s still on my iPod (plus whatever obscure hip hop Pitchfork tells me is cool these days.) I listen to  a lot of Alanis Morrisete and Nü-Metal is what I’m trying to say.
  7. I’d describe my style as “Office-Appropriate Adult Goth.”
  8. I toggled mostly between the (the barely indistinguishable) New York suburbs and southern Florida as a kid, so the travel bug bit me pretty much as soon as I took my first trip outside of the United States. In the last ten years I’ve been to the U.K., Italy, Ukraine, Moldova, France, Israel, the Netherlands, and Belgium. (I don’t think Canada counts.) My hope it to travel to one new country a year, but if that’s not possible then a couple of domestic cities annually works for me.
  9. For a childless woman in my early thirties, I spend an alarming amount of time reading parenting articles.
  10. I do most of my writing in a little study nook my husband and I have dubbed “the Witch Room,” a.k.a. the space where I’ve stored up all my Harry Potter-related accouterments.

… There’s a lot of it.