Recipe: White Chocolate-Raspberry Cake with Coconut

Now this is what I consider the quintessential spring cake. Creamy white chocolate, tart raspberries, and a hint of tropical coconut – what would be more perfect for a wedding dress-like Easter cake? I don’t celebrate Easter, but my husband grew up with it and I like to indulge him in his favorite seasonal/holiday treats….

Recipe: White Chocolate Coconut Cake

Have you ever bitten in a Ferrero Raffaello, that gloriously creamy, crunchy, coconutty delight that you can usually only find in the “fancy candy” section of the drugstore (if it’s even stocked)? The combination of crackling marzipan/almond, delectable white chocolate, and flaky coconut bringsĀ comes together as my platonic ideal of dessert. Well, imagine that candy…