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In 2017, Film and TV Got Serious About Depicting Sex Work
(Vanity Fair, December 2017)

Does ‘Coneheads’ Actually Suck?
(VICE, November 2017)

Netflix’s The Worst Witch Reworks a Children’s Classic for the Age of ICE Raids and Acid Attacks
(Slate, July 2017)

Give Erotic Costume Dramas A Chance
(VICE, July 2017)

‘Catastrophe’ Makes Male Vulnerability Funny
(VICE, May 2017)

The Ongoing Influence of Darlene Conner
(VICE, March 2017)

Do We Need a Twin Peaks Revival When TV is So Much Weirder Now?
(The Guardian, February 2017)

On an Audacious Girls, Lena Dunham Harpoons the Great White Novelists and Auteurs
(LA Weekly, February 2017)

‘Baskets’ Portrays Rural, Working Class America Differently and That’s a Good Thing
(In These Times, February 2017)

Where Have All the TV Feminist Moms Gone?
(MTV News, January 2017)

How Children’s TV Like Studio Ghibli’s Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter Can Give Grown-Ups the Strength to Endure
(Slate, January 2017)

Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra: Have We Entered Television’s Golden Age of Transgressive Pregnancy?
(LA Weekly, July 2016)

Netflix’s Suspenseful Happy Valley Focuses on Police Work as Social Work
(LA Weekly, June 2016)

Cable TV’s Mothers Come Out – As Jewish, and Sexual
(The Forward, March 2016)

Why Maleficent is the Rape Revenge Film That We Need
(Indiewire, June 2014)

Does Modern Family Have a Looming Two and A Half Men Problem?
(Splitsider, February 2011)

Film Reviews:

A New Doc Asks Why There Are So Few Black Women Doctors in America
(The Village Voice, August 2016)

Queer Rom-Com(ish) Drama ‘Front Cover’ Is an Ambitious Breakthrough
(The Village Voice, August 2016)

Vibrant Documentary ‘Author’: The JT LeRoy Story Questions How We Invent Identities
(The Forward, June 2016)

Slick Climate-Change Doc ‘Time to Choose’ Presents Hope Without Measuring Its Cost
(The Village Voice, June 2016)

Cloying Indie ‘Welcome to Happiness’ Dreams Up Therapeutic Magic for Sad Grown-Ups
(The Village Voice, May 2016)

Bolivian Political Doc ‘A Moment of Silence’ Gives Voice to Those Who Had Power
(The Village Voice, May 2016)

Satisfying Workers’ Doc The Market Basket Effect Might Make You Feel the Bern
(The Village Voice, April 2016)

You Can’t Deny Winsome Dance Drama High Strung Once the Music Starts
(The Village Voice, April 2016)

Nora Ephron’s Son Takes Mom’s Advice in Everything is Copy
(The Forward, April 2016)

Living Lost
(LA Weekly, March 2016)

Feminist Delinquents Face Ghosts – and Macbeth – in Creepy A Haunting in Cawdor
(The Village Voice, March 2016)

Television Reviews:

‘Insecure’ Season 3: TV Review
(The Hollywood Reporter, August 2018)

‘Carter’: TV Review
(The Hollywood Reporter, August 2018)

‘Random Acts of Flyness’: TV Review
(The Hollywood Reporter, August 2018)

‘Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story’: TV Review”
(The Hollywood Reporter, July 2018)

‘Making It’: TV Review”
(The Hollywood Reporter, July 2018)

‘Enhanced’: TV Review”
(The Hollywood Reporter, July 2018)

‘Love Is_’: TV Review”
(The Hollywood Reporter, June 2018)

Cure Your Winter Blues With This Season’s New Shows
(The Village Voice, January 2017)

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4 Brings Deeper Issues – But Less Passion
(The Forward, June 2016)

‘UnReal’ Is Back and More Biting Than Ever in Season 2
(The Forward, June 2016)

Broad City’s Finale ‘Jews on a Place’ Has In-Jokes For Everyone
(The Forward, April 2016)

Insider Amy Schumer Season 4 ‘Suprisingly Soggy’ – Sob
(The Forward, April 2016)

Editorial & Other:

Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst: Relationship
(The Village Voice, June 2016)

Crazy Jewish Mom Book Seeks Publicity by Insulting Female Publicists
(The Forward, April 2016)